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Herewith, a selection of deliverables for clients in various industries.

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The Smithsonian

The National Museum of Natural History is building a new Learning Center: "part lab, part town square, part do-it-yourself garage, part field site, part online community."

Key ideas: Participatory, experiential, sensory, immersive, interactive, personal. Doing, not just "looking at." Not just a space — a shared, dynamic, fluid, ever-changing experience.

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Jamba Juice

The juice chain, responding to customer feedback, adds a smaller 16-ounce size to its existing line of Original (24 oz) and Power (30 oz) sizes.

The task: Find a fresh, engaging way to brand the new size (i.e., not Starbucks-confusing). And craft dozens of new schemas where all 3 sizes fit together well.

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The product: A device that makes the arm weightless, allowing superhuman endurance.

Task 1: Craft an eye- and ear-catching name that's sleek, futuristic, exciting, and definitive.

Task 2: Craft a name for the entirely new product category that the device will create.

Their pick: X·AR – the exoskeletal arm.

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Human Rights Education

A new human rights organization forms, focusing on human rights education – with representatives from Amnesty International, the NEA, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, down to grassroots activists and individual teachers.

Main objectives: Take a stand. Inspire. Call to action. Cool enough to appeal to college students; serious enough to work with big non-profits. Muscled, but not radical.

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A small but powerful full-service agency in New York City – with clients like ESPN, the NFL, Coors, Nintendo, and Pizza Hut – breaks away from its corporate parent. A rebrand is crucial.

The task: Fuse two seemingly contradictory brand propositions – nimble in movement, but rock-solid in execution.

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Capri Sun

The powerhouse kids' juice brand needs a quick splash of name ideas for a healthy kids beverage – blending 100% fruit and vegetable juice.

Objective: brand a wholesome drink in a way that's fun-cool to 9-to-12-year olds.

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Lightspeed Gateway

An ultra-low-latency, direct-market brokerage weighs rebranding its algorithmic trading offering, breaking the service out from the shadow of the umbrella brand and forging a new brand proposition.

Watchwords: fast, secure, frictionless.

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2R Health

A food startup creates a healthy snack food for the 21st Century: Nutritious, delicious, organic, sustainable, earth-friendly.

Ancient wisdom meets modern know-how. Good health meets great taste.

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Doppelganger / vSide

The creators of a Second Life-like virtual world based around real music and virtual goods task me with two distinct needs:

1) Brand their Thursday night event lineup in a fresh, "Must-See TV" direction.

2) Craft text-messaging slang that teens will pick up and make their own – an audience that can smell "fail" a mile away.

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A biotech startup uncovers revolutionary new ways to spot diseases in genetic markers.

They need a decisive, confident name that says clear, accurate predictions – all in a short, available domain name.

They become Predicant Biosciences (

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MarkMonitor, specializing in Net-based identity management and protection (of trademarks, etc.), merges with AllDomains, a domain-name registry.

They need a name that conveys the synergy of the combined companies, while reflecting the new entity's broader scope.

Their choice: Asignia.

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