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At PHENOMENAL, we've helped companies brand products from gadgets to grape juice, cookies to cleaning products, pacemakers to coffee makers, corn chips to computer chips. Software. Housewares. Fast food. Furniture.

We've branded whole companies too: from startup ventures to sit-down restaurants, banks to biotech, a vineyard, a museum.

We deliver phenomenal results. Names that crackle with energy. Brands that soar + sing. Workshops that grow fresh crisp juicy ideas. How can we help you?

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A Q?RIUS Conundrum.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History needed a one-of-a-kind brand for their first-of-its-kind project: an interactive, ever-evolving experimental learning space for teens, tweens, families, and educators.

A brand that captured the excitement of discovery. A fresh, playful construction — to catch the attention of text-messaging teens. An expansive brand for the museum space, its dynamic Web experience, and beyond.

Welcome... to Q?RIUS.

A Juicy Challenge.

Jamba Juice's customers sent them a clear message: Give us a smaller-sized smoothie!

And so, the Original and Power sizes got a 16-ounce baby sibling. But what to name it?

At Idiom's request, we iterated dozens of fresh new schemas for the entire line, from sporty to tropical to alpha-slangy to bongo-bonzo. (See them all in the Download area.)

What did Jamba pick? The very simplest one: introducing the sixteen.

Refreshing the Refresher.

Taylor's Automatic Refresher, the award-winning upscale burger joint, had expanded from its Napa roots into SF and St. Helena. It was time to consolidate the brand around its young owners, Joel & Duncan Gott.

For Idiom, we drew from 50's car-culture Americana: an era of tailfins, hand-painted highway signs, and greasy-spoon roadstands serving up fresh, family-style smiles.

And so: Gott's Roadside – Tray Gourmet!

The Six Million Dollar Brand.

Equipois was just 3 weeks from unveiling a revolutionary new product: A device that makes your arm weightless. Giving surgeons, dentists, jewelers – anyone who uses their arms all day – superhuman endurance.

But they had no name – for the device, or for the product category it was about to create.

The aim: Futuristic. Sleek. Exciting. Definitive. Introducing: The X·AR exoskeletal arm.

Watch the video and see your bionic future.

A Medical Revolution.

Concentric Medical had created a product to revolutionize the treatment of strokes.

Other methods of removing blood clots were slow, cumbersome and unreliable; this streamlined new device would cut a 3-hour operation down to 30 minutes, retrieving the clot on the first try 90% of the time.

For Idiom, we crafted a name that perfectly captured this sleek, futuristic, revolutionary retrieval system: TREVO.

Cracking DCODE.

What happens when a fearsome brand powerhouse wants to rename its own brand? Our phone rings, that's what.

DCODE, a full-service agency pumping out ads for ESPN, the NFL, Coors, Pizza Hut and Nintendo, needed to rebrand quickly.

We crafted an exciting package of names fusing the two brand propositions: nimble execution, rock-solid delivery. Leading to a name that means both "a stronghold" and "to leap vigorously" – VAULT.

Our process begins with you

We begin by racking your brain. What ideas must the brand convey? What personality must it radiate? What's the right mix of function and emotion? What rivals must it emulate, surpass, or stay away from? Do we need a real word? A catchy domain name? Who are the deciders in the company? Is there a juicy opportunity to own an area of the competitive brandscape?

What's the tactile nature of the product, the experience felt by the customer? What stories could the brand open up? What creation myth does it carry in its DNA?

The process continues

Then we let our minds fly. Fill pads and screens with lists of ideas. Play games. Paint with letters and phonemes. Hit it from the right brain and the left. Collect verbiage from musty volumes, the latest databases, and serendipitous excursions.

Now we start to filter, sift, and sort. Get out of our heads and into the audience. How will it sound to a Midwesterner? How will it look on a product package? Will it sing? Soar? Shout? Fly? And will it fly with the CEO?


It all goes into a Branding Results Document: a crisp, engaging tour through hundreds of idea spaces. First, our Top 10, or 12 or 20 – with our commentary on each.

Then, a list of interesting runners-up. What domain names are available, or parked and buyable. Real words vs. abstract coinages. Maybe some quick logo treatments. What names are already spoken for, alas. Finally, the full list, alphabetized for your comfort.

It's a brisk, exhilarating read.


We can run a branding workshop – half-day or full-day, your office or offsite. Product, Marketing, Legal, and Management all in one room. We'll play games, tell stories, pore through books, fill whiteboards – and generate hundreds and hundreds of names. A few dozen of them will actually be great!

If you don't need us to run the meeting, we can happily take part in yours – pouring our branding skills into the task at hand as creative minds for hire.

Check our work.

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Andrew Chaikin – President/Chief Phenom

Before starting PHENOMENAL, Andrew helped companies with product naming, corporate identity, and brand positioning as the go-to consultant for branding firms like Idiom, Mythmaker and Salt.

An expert brander plays with the rhythm and melody of language, layering many shades of meaning in a small package.

Aptly then, Andrew is also electro-rocker Kid Beyond. His music has rocked TV (Gossip Girl, Life, Supergroup, Kyle XY), films (Mission Impossible 3), and games (Sims, NBA Live, Guitar Hero, Rock Band).

An expert namer can twist letters, words, and sounds into fresh, novel forms. Aptly then, Andrew is a published word game inventor; hangs with Will Shortz in the National Puzzlers League; has taught game design at MIT, Harvard, and beyond.

In the 90's, Andrew roamed the plains of Silicon Valley, doing business development, product strategy and user experience for various tech startups and angel investors.

Andrew graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University in Providence, RI, with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies.

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